Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5966
The power of flowers continues.
IMG 5963
Rice crispy treats. They’re the Snap Crackle Popiest.
IMG 5962
The Peace War continues.
IMG 5959
“This is my friend! She is totally not passed out, in case her mom sees this photo. She is resting from a hard day of studying in the library.”
IMG 5954
X16 Trend - Tongues out everywhere
IMG 5956
See. Tongues AND peace.
IMG 5953
“This invisible upright bass I got free with this otter pop sounds terrible. Refund!”
IMG 5952
IMG 5951
The Double Peace
IMG 5947
X16 Trend - Backwards and forwards peace signs. Hopefully nobody was British.
IMG 5942
She didn’t think the dancing was good enough, so seconds later she bust out some old school breakdancing moves.
IMG 5941
Dance break.
IMG 5933
The ultimate free high.
IMG 5930
Streat Team, operating the tent area.
IMG 5932
Special guest appearance by our lord and savior.