Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6003
“It’s not really a fight. More of slap foreplay.”
IMG 6002
Slap fight!
IMG 5997
A job well done controlling the crowds.
IMG 5998
Yo yo yo.
IMG 5996
“Really, that’s the best joke you have?”
IMG 5995
Jordan, also a fine dancer.
IMG 5992
“My snapchat from on stage failed to upload? My life is ruined!”
IMG 5988
The rare double point. Well played miss.
IMG 5986
If you don’t text someone about what just happened, did it really occur?
IMG 5982
“Hey, I’m walking here I’m walking.”
IMG 5980
“Calm down. Just because he said he wanted to marry you up on stage, doesn’t make it legally binding.”
IMG 5977
X16 Fashion - Shirt Tassels
IMG 5975
Now it’s the “everyone gets kicked off the stage and has to go back out to the audience” portion of the show.
IMG 5972
It’s the “everyone gets on stage” portion of the show.
IMG 5968
“Is he taking a photo of us? But I have the camera. It’s not supposed to work this way. He’s destroying my worldview.”