Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6045
ODESZA arriving for duty.
IMG 6042
Sometimes you have to shed the shackles of society to be free.
IMG 6041
Covering up the horrors previous bands have left backstage.
IMG 6040
“Do-over do-over! Man, where am I gonna find a goat on a Sunday?”
IMG 6037
IMG 6033
“Haha, fools. That goat was dead either way.”
IMG 6032
Dive to save the goat!
IMG 6029
“Sorry Cthulhu, I’m winning this shit.”
IMG 6028
“First one to drop it has to sacrifice a goat to the god or gods of their choosing!”
IMG 6022
The former boardies game of “don’t let the damned ball hit the ground” begins.
IMG 6020
IMG 6019
View from the cheap seats*. *also free
IMG 6012
It’s a “throw everything in the air” party.
IMG 6007
“And I”m like, ‘Yeah, I’m a pirate. Doesn’t give you the right to discriminate against me.’ and then she asked me to put on my shirt in front of all those 16 year olds at the DMV. So embarassing.”
IMG 6006
Marilyn wasn’t sure why Cassi was telling her about Alexander Hamilton. She just assumed she was on some kind of candid camera drunk history show.