Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7063
“Have I ever told you how guitars are like electric eels?”
IMG 7057
So green my camera didn't know what to do with the data.
IMG 7052
Thunder thunder thundercat!
IMG 7050
I was so obsessed with the spinning hat and the bandana that I completely ignored the bearded Pikachu.
IMG 7047
Pizza Party!
IMG 7040
"This is a trust exercise. Do you trust me not to tear your arms off with my incredible strength."
IMG 7038
"Great great. Now do it 5 more times for Snapchat, Instagram, Yelp, Getty Images, and one for my mom."
IMG 7037
Inadvertently photobombed.
IMG 7034
Impressing many onlookers.
IMG 7030
Gravity, how does it work.
IMG 7025
"Dude, I'm not 'Wino the Whale'. I'll box your ears!"
IMG 7024
Unofficial counselors.
IMG 7023
"If you spin me, you can win prizes! One maybe being the krill I ate earlier!"
IMG 7020
He's a wine whale, btw. Cleary a rose.
IMG 7018
The fans start pouring in.