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Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

May 2008
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April 2012
Sina wasn't going to take any of Brian's lip. He had asked for 3 chocolate chip cookies and 2 diet Sprites. No more, no less.
Christie's future was so bright, she had to wear shades. And false teeth.
Oh good, the heavy, waterproof, mailable glassware had arrived.
A good 15 minutes were spent on everyone complimenting each other on their nifty shirts.
"2...4...6...8....who do we talk to about stock deprecatiation and financial solvency? errr, go team!"
Nic's security diagrams often involved football plays, dueling stick figures, and Rick Astley.
Nic: If you find yourself being overwhelmed by jealousy of our red shirts, well, stop. You still aren't getting one.
Brendan: I parked back there on the grass over by the bleachers. Some crazy guys in yellow shirts asked me to move. I think they were just jealous of my parking job.
The advanced photo booth showed a series of LOLcat images before every shot.
The backstage crew, protecting a crate of imported prawns for Ludacris.
Alyssa was waiting to catch snowflakes on her tongue. She would be waiting for a very very long time.
Two scoops of kettle corn. Just what every growing boy/girl needs.
The 'Event Staff' discuss whether Extravaganza is an "event", a "shindig" or a good ole "party".
Boxcutters, batting gloves, and giant spools. This could make a great game, somehow.
The back entrance crew. Armed with the power of denying you access to food, drink and portapotties with little lanterns in them.