Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 8028
Bamboo grows really fast. These were straws at the start of the show.
IMG 8024
Cleanup continues.
IMG 8023
Yes, taking someone’s photo while they’re staring into the sun is entirely unfunny.
IMG 8022
“If I find two more baggies and an article of clothing, I’ll win Trash Bingo this year.”
IMG 8020
Spreading out the ice before it gives the grass brain freeze.
IMG 8013
"Forgive me father, I have climbed too high."
IMG 8004
Knife going down.
IMG 8001
Going up.
IMG 8000
Can’t stay high forever.
IMG 7999
In no rush.
IMG 7994
Learned everything at Neverland Pirate Academy.
IMG 7992
This also seems safe.
IMG 7988
That seems safe.
IMG 7987
The dreaded port-a-floor.
IMG 7986
Peace suckers.