Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7983
IMG 7981
These hopes & dreams were all over the place.
IMG 7977
“Don’t touch the hopes & dreams with your hand. Sticky.”
IMG 7975
Commonly found items: broken sunglasses, sandals, water bottles, pill baggies, and the hopes & dreams of youth.
IMG 7968
People like to just throw things on the ground apparently.
IMG 7967
Everyone was on trash duty after the show.
IMG 7964
“These barrels are full of water. Not the bodies of my enemies. Clearly not.”
IMG 7963
If you squint it kinda looks like big bird’s distant cousin.
IMG 7962
Draw string pants with shoelaces. Innovative thinker.
IMG 7961
One friend got relegated to the back because she missed the “white shirts only” memo.
IMG 7958
Fabulous glasses club.
IMG 7956
Staring through me.
IMG 7954
CSO: Excuse me, could you compare your best Grams from today later? Wait, that one is pretty good. Can I add you?
IMG 7952
I’m sure this leftover bottle contained only honey when smuggled into the event.
IMG 7951
Cops and CSOs usher everyone out.