Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6877
"No, there's no 'carrying the 2'. This isn't a math problem. Just stop anyone else from bringing in a banjo. Ok?"
IMG 6875
Program Boarders couldn't get enough green this year. It's 10 months until the next St.Patty's day. Be prepared.
IMG 6876
"I've eaten 4 of these cups. Dare me to eat 4 more?"
IMG 6872
Stop. Bubble time.
IMG 6868
Event staff's stylin backpacks were equipped with sunblock, water, and an assortment of artisans gummy worms.
IMG 6869
"I particularly enjoyed the arugula & ham gummies."
IMG 6867
"I'd be a lot happier if I could remember where I left my sunglasses."
IMG 6864
"You're right, I was just joking about posing as real camp counselors in order to pull off a huge heist at the next Boy Scouts Jamboree. Ha ha."
IMG 6431
Majestic crew.
IMG 6427
“Hehe, suck the air OUT.”
IMG 6425
“Did you suck the air OUT? Or like, just squeeze it super hard?”
IMG 6423
IMG 6420
No one likes the port-a-floor.
IMG 6419
“These chairs had famous people’s butts on them. $5 a touch.”
IMG 6417
The best possible use of celery.