Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7130
“Can someone help me carry this ‘not piss’?”
IMG 7126
Face glitter makes every activity 23% more fun.
IMG 7122
IMG 7119
Soapy dreams.
IMG 7118
IMG 7117
Concert goers were trying this all day. People frickin LOVE balancing precariously and then falling face first into their friend’s head.
IMG 7112
“A Thundercat is a cat that wears cymbals on its pants. Also, it wears pants.”
IMG 7105
“My tattoo is from an obscure tv show and movie. Deep underground.”
IMG 7102
More than meets the eye.
IMG 7097
“Great, now my brain is filled with sea creature nonsense. I can’t remember what any of these knobs even do.”
IMG 7086
“I…I give up.”
IMG 7085
“Eels are the Mariah Careys of the sea.”
IMG 7076
“Just like an eel, if you handle it right, a guitar can make beautiful music.”
IMG 7073
“Dude, drums are the orcas of the land.”
IMG 7067
“Turn my keyboard up all the way. I can’t listen to another electric eel theory.”