Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5889
The screen did not say TURD, btw.
IMG 5887
Sitting in the dark.
IMG 5880
Pew pew
IMG 5876
“I will absorb the power from this shirt and make it my own.”
IMG 5874
Free shirt!
IMG 5873
“Sorry, some alt-punk-barbershop quartet beat you to it.”
IMG 5870
“Mama Bees is the name of my next band.”
IMG 5868
“The power of flowers is clearly bees. Mama bees have all the power.”
IMG 5866
“Like, is the power of flowers pollen?”
IMG 5862
The power of flowers is still in the air.
IMG 5856
“Here, I’ll kick you my love.”
IMG 5853
Well worn boots.
IMG 5851
Doing the cabbage patch.
IMG 5847
“Does YOUR necklace have an original Pentium chip on it? Thought not.”
IMG 5845
Dance break.