Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5880
Pew pew
IMG 5887
Sitting in the dark.
IMG 5889
The screen did not say TURD, btw.
IMG 5896
“I’ve realized this shirt is kinda damp. Did one of you sweat in this thing?”
IMG 5898
“Fess up. Sweat isn’t a sin.”
IMG 5903
It’s all about the pointing.
IMG 5905
His ring - not a Ring Pop.
IMG 5909
Super artsy shot.
IMG 5913
“Why do you have a tattoo of a naked Donald Trump? Why?!”
IMG 5921
Keeping out the riffraff.
IMG 5924
“Are these cage-free cruelty-free granola bars?”
IMG 5928
See, pointing.
IMG 5930
Streat Team, operating the tent area.
IMG 5932
Special guest appearance by our lord and savior.
IMG 5933
The ultimate free high.