Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6202
LaDonte said hello and then proceeded to climb his invisible staircase into a waiting helicopter.
IMG 6201
More pointing
IMG 6192
See, with the pointing.
IMG 6188
They were really excited.
IMG 6184
Hip hop hooray
IMG 6182
IMG 6181
Lava lamp
IMG 6177
Lava flow
IMG 6174
IMG 6169
"I get it!"
IMG 6159
IMG 6158
“5 claps for both?”
IMG 6151
“Two claps for ‘Yes, I’m a monster’ and three claps for ‘Yes, I have crippling student debt.’”
IMG 6150
“You don’t bite the top! What are you, some kind of monster?”
IMG 6146
“Let me demonstrate how not to eat an ice cream cone.”