Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5704
Loading, unloading.
IMG 5707
Getting ready for Rae.
IMG 5709
He was either smoking a cigarillo or a #2 pencil.
IMG 5711
“You can smoke a pencil? No way!”
IMG 5717
It was time, to introduce….
IMG 5719
Beach balls! Wait, beach balls?
IMG 5723
“And you get a beach ball, and you get a beach ball! This is fun. I see why Oprah likes it.”
IMG 5724
“Now blow! Blow up those beach balls!”
IMG 5733
“Hehe, that last thing could have been taken sexually.”
IMG 5738
“Yeah, we get it. We’re not 12.”
IMG 5741
“I’ve got a red thing!”
IMG 5744
“Hit it here, hit it here!”
IMG 5745
Security then sent the ball into a low orbit.
IMG 5747
Armed with water, which photographers are ever so fond of being sprayed with.
IMG 5749
See, #2 pencils are all the rage.