Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3451
"That's right, I'm friends with my drummer's grandma. Weird? Or genius?"
IMG 3450
"Is my grandma calling Aluna? Why are they talking behind my back?"
IMG 3445
"I'm sensing someone out there has a grandma whose name starts with a ... B! You should call her. She's worried you're not eating enough."
IMG 3442
IMG 3439
"You guys like more cowbell? Thought you would."
IMG 3434
Every song could use more cowbell.
IMG 3431
Invisible water refill.
IMG 3430
"I hate that second head she uses. It always malfunctions. Sometimes it blinks out of sync. You know how creepy that is?"
IMG 3428
Aluna had another head she wanted to try on for the last part of her act, but her latch got stuck and we never got to see it.
IMG 3426
The mic was apparently black licorice flavored.
IMG 3425
This is what it looks like, when the doves dance.
IMG 3424
She asked for someone to turn up the heat, so a bunch of people turned their phone flashlights on and pointed them at her.
IMG 3422
Hair shaking intermission.
IMG 3418
Wayward curl
IMG 3417
"Why don't I ever get to dance?"