Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7653
The whale recovered and was quick to be embraced by its fans. It can’t actually hug due to its short arms, but don’t bring that up please.
IMG 7651
Inivisible archer.
IMG 7647
En guarde!
IMG 7635
“Only you can prevent forest fires. And us, I guess. That’s probably a given.”
IMG 7634
Out on the field promoting peace, love, and hydration.
IMG 7633
IMG 7632
“No, they did what to the whale?”
IMG 7631
Everyone is excited for a good Kenny G cover.
IMG 7626
The beginning of a 14 minutes Kenny G sax solo.
IMG 7623
“Let’s rock it! Or roll it! I'm not your mom."
IMG 7616
The faces continue.
IMG 7615
Taking a break to play Missile Command on the big screen behind them.
IMG 7613
IMG 7607
“And these are 8000 of my closest friends. Say hi to mom!”
IMG 7603
After discovering nudity on the internet, Griz found out about cat gifs. Life would never be the same.