Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7682
“Hey, did Snoop Dogg go on yet?”
IMG 7679
Marilyn’s plotting face/hands.
IMG 7678
Spot on with the counselor cosplay.
IMG 7677
Once again, it took me awhile before I even noticed the hat.
IMG 7676
Katya wanted plausible deniability in all situations.
IMG 7674
Marilyn had to turn three dudes into cowboy sauce to get that hat, but it was totally worth it.
IMG 7673
It’s heavy on the Attitude, but still part of a balanced breakfast.
IMG 7672
Backstage surprise!
IMG 7671
One benefit of being a former program boarder is getting a free shirt of the new concerts. Especially when, like this year, they’re created from the hair pulled out by those people bitching and moaning about the lineup.
IMG 7666
Happy people.
IMG 7665
“Hello my queen. Have you seen the king’s shirt? I seem to have misplaced it after a dare involving 4 pounds of kool-aid mix and a garter snake.”
IMG 7662
Fire assassin.
IMG 7659
Invisible trampoline.
IMG 7658
The crop top competition ended in a tie.
IMG 7654
Finally. I thought it would last forever.