Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5300
Eating 5 pounds of sugar free gummie bears beforehand was a bad idea.
IMG 5306
“Does the purple or the red match the darkness within my soul best? Be honest.”
IMG 5305
People love shade.
IMG 5303
You weren’t really there if there’s no perfect Instagram shot.
IMG 5318
Don’t let him fool you. Omead is playing solitaire on that calculator.
IMG 5315
I always thought glitter came out of a unicorn that was squeezed too hard.
IMG 5309
“This mate is bomb yo. That’s…that’s how you kids say it right?”
IMG 5321
It’s a fine line between group photo and grecco roman wrestling.
IMG 5320
X16 Fashion - Fine day for a hat.
IMG 5327
“Dude. I dated the spirit of the dance. Never returned my Pokemon socks.”
IMG 5326
Here comes the spirit of the dance. You can’t escape it.
IMG 5325
Flower fight!
IMG 5335
“I thought we were done with the lullaby scene. All those people in their footsie pajamas creeps me out.”
IMG 5331
Zella Day has come to sing you a lullaby.
IMG 5328
“So I just turned on the garbage disposal. I mean, he DARED me. I couldn’t wimp out.”