Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5187
She really hoped she wouldn’t mix up the marinating chicken with the human kidney she was transporting. What a hilarious comedy of errors that would be.
IMG 5186
Announcing the Extravaganza Tournament. 5 bands enter, 1 band leaves.
IMG 5192
Fashionable apparel.
IMG 5190
It’s a giant spider.
IMG 5200
The Lucidity folks after gravity kicked back in.
IMG 5199
The fine folks at Lucidity losing their minds (and their hat) in front of their bamboo structure.
IMG 5210
Little known fact: Kind bars are 40% flowers, 50% almonds, and 10% free range honey.
IMG 5209
KIND bars encourages flower communism.
IMG 5206
High tech support for the port-a-floor.
IMG 5213
Nitro Mate is NOT a British superhero, it turns out.
IMG 5212
The super nice Kind booth employees who are definitely not also honey bee wranglers.
IMG 5218
“Are you my friend? Screw it, I’m giving hugs to everybody today.”
IMG 5217
Omead, showing off the shirt.
IMG 5216
This is water. If you’re attending X16, it is your friend.
IMG 5224
Waiting. Watching.