Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3844
Thoughtful Zeke.
IMG 3840
Remembering the old times.
IMG 3837
If you have a chance to play that Superman flying game as an adult, you use it and just hope your friend doesn't drop you.
IMG 3835
More group shots.
IMG 3829
"You know, I DO feel really hydrated after eating this whole thing."
IMG 3827
"I can't believe this used to be a cow. Woah, like 5 different cows probably."
IMG 3826
"You're giving us green paper for ice cream? Huh. Ok then."
IMG 3821
Haha, yes, me.
IMG 3819
I told you it was the only way to travel.
IMG 3803
Dj-ing, now enhanced by the Apple Watch.
IMG 3798
"Is this the Spock salute? I can never get that right."
IMG 3793
"My wallpaper is a rabbit jumping over a turtle. Duh."
IMG 3789
"No, it's not my own face. Nice try."
IMG 3781
"$5 to the first person that can guess what my iPhone wallpaper is."
IMG 3773
"No. Next guess."