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Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

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May 2016
"Hey guys, I'm making a poster and I've already made a 'G'. I have to make the rest of this make sense now. So how about 'Go Gauchos!'. No, that's bad. Maybe 'Gangrene Treatment here!' Too depressing. 'Gonzo for President'? Yeah, that's it."
5 seconds later she was thrown 10 feet off the bull. She foolishly let a giant talking panda bear distract her.
Foam jousting - just like the medieval nights did it.
The further antics of Concussion Cal.
And now....jazz hands!
Her smirk had gotten her out of tough situations before. But she wasn't sure how it was going to get her more water.
Instead of a typical brain freeze, Brendan experienced a cool breeze accompanied by a whistling noise. It was rather soothing.
Batman's playing just hasn't been the same since Robin stopped tuning his guitars for him.
Non-traditional bull riding garb.