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Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

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May 2016
The fire marshall brings in the extinguisher, just in case the bands get out of control with their rock n roll music.
A member of The Pharcyde wonders when, exactly, peanut butter/jelly time is.
So this would be a bad time for me to bring out a SF Giants hat then?
CSO: So in closing...never try to pet a hungry chihuahua. So can....can I have your number?
Not a banjo.
Having caught Brendan making out with the mic on his headset, he posed stoically until I turned away.
Komal's right arm had been stung by a nest of bees only minutes before. It was completely numb. At the after party she would dip it in boiling oil on a dare. She was a big hit.
Anyone who touched the grey board was instantly rendered unconscious.
Misty in full prance mode.
"Why is he singing 'My Heart Will Go On'? I'm so confused."