Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7509
“A bear would probably just sit on the stage and stare out into the crowd. Or bite someone.”
IMG 7505
“Listen guys, I’m not a bear. I admit it. But I have opposable thumbs, so I can play music for you. That’s better than a silly bear, right?
IMG 7504
Still processing the bear betrayal.
IMG 7502
IMG 7495
“I mean, I AM cuddly.”
IMG 7494
Griz plays a saxophone to distract from the Griz/Bear controversy.
IMG 7489
“This guy has a lot of facial hair. That’s like, almost a bear.”
IMG 7477
Fans, also expecting a DJ-ing bear.
IMG 7472
Ok, this is GRiZ. You’ll notice how neither of them are a grizzly bear. Or a bear of any sort.
IMG 7469
IMG 7467
“Did that box say ‘Pizza’ or ‘Peetza’? I’ll never forget that time I accidentally bought ‘Melk’”
IMG 7466
Plug n Play
IMG 7465
“Oh man, so THIS is where the mascots hibernate during off season.”
IMG 7461
Sponsored dance party.
IMG 7460
The PDA just don’t stop.