Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 4023
Ok, so that's impressive.
IMG 4020
More art.
IMG 4019
This lifting thing was an epidemic.
IMG 4016
Perfect on the field: A blanket and some friends.
IMG 4015
"Dude. How did you even get deep fried oreo in your hair?"
IMG 4012
Even more hugs. This place was full of em.
IMG 4011
A temporary peace treaty was reached.
IMG 4009
Not sure why the t-shirt booth turned to violence so late in the show. The stress maybe.
IMG 4005
"Thank you. My name is Miguel, and I'll be done expressions all week at the local Hilton."
IMG 4000
IMG 3999
IMG 3995
IMG 3996
IMG 3992
IMG 3990
"Which look do you like? Angry?"