Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

February 2007
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August 2007
Instead of a typical brain freeze, Brendan experienced a cool breeze accompanied by a whistling noise. It was rather soothing.
Christen kept pressing the X on Richard's shirt, hoping it was his much talked about OFF switch.
Hollis always covered his hair when he left his apartment due to a particularly traumatic ceiling fan incident as a child.
The crew wondered why "human limbs" was written in red ink at the bottom of the crate they were moving.
Mike: Why didn't anyone tell me this scaffolding had a live current going through it?! No no, I like it, I just wish I had been told earlier.
The tassels on the pogo stick make it bounce 3 inches higher. Scientific Fact.
Megan explains, for the sixth time, that none of the Blenders in the Grass beverages contain "grass".
Mike scares children on the weekends for cash and prizes.
Plywood superhighway. Speed limit - 3mph.
Bringing the noise. The funk costs extra.
The stage pre-show.
Christen unwraps pens as quickly as she can, hoping that her efforts help aid the throngs of fans desperate to write poetry during the long concert.
The KCSB contingent tries to contain their excitement.
"Hey guys, I'm making a poster and I've already made a 'G'. I have to make the rest of this make sense now. So how about 'Go Gauchos!'. No, that's bad. Maybe 'Gangrene Treatment here!' Too depressing. 'Gonzo for President'? Yeah, that's it."
Ryan: If it rains, these are the expletives that I'm prepared to use. I just want to show them to you so that you won't be surprised.