Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7180
DJ Byron continued his efforts to make the theme to “Ducktales” the song of the summer.
IMG 7181
“I prefer ‘Rescue Rangers’, personally.”
IMG 7185
“Take us to the drop Huey, Dewey, and Louie!”
IMG 7187
She can enjoy the obvious reggae influences in Ducktales, but prefers the modern take on big band scat of Animaniacs.
IMG 7188
“Wait, I thought, when you were talking about public displays of affection, you meant, like, complimenting someone’s shoes.”
IMG 7190
“I don’t have to respond to anyone talking to me. I just point at the earplugs. These things are awesome.”
IMG 7191
“And this is the exact moment the dog gave birth to a litter of 8. I only Snapchat real shit.”
IMG 7192
Aww yeah.
IMG 7195
Keeping the beats going.
IMG 7201
Immobilized by the pink ray.
IMG 7205
Hands in the air, like they mostly don’t care. But deep down, they kinda do.
IMG 7207
Invisible cookie.
IMG 7209
IMG 7210
“Rock that art baby!”
IMG 7213
“Did you not like the music? Or did you eat some bad shellfish before standing in the hot sun for 4 hours?”