Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7105
“My tattoo is from an obscure tv show and movie. Deep underground.”
IMG 7112
“A Thundercat is a cat that wears cymbals on its pants. Also, it wears pants.”
IMG 7117
Concert goers were trying this all day. People frickin LOVE balancing precariously and then falling face first into their friend’s head.
IMG 7118
IMG 7119
Soapy dreams.
IMG 7122
IMG 7126
Face glitter makes every activity 23% more fun.
IMG 7130
“Can someone help me carry this ‘not piss’?”
IMG 7136
“If you liked that knock knock joke, you’re gonna love this one about a traveling chicken.”
IMG 7137
“Is it true what they say about whales?”
IMG 7138
The whale looks a lot less friendly with his eyes cropped out.
IMG 7140
Photo booth.
IMG 7143
Fun Fact: A painting of the sun grants you 3 hours of SPF 40 protection.
IMG 7144
Their friend said she’s get a painting of a pug flipping off the devil, and that’s just what she did.
IMG 7146
Bottle service.