Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 4065
"I don't think his name is Rooster."
IMG 4066
"Are you just naming people after their haircuts?"
IMG 4067
IMG 4069
I'm not sure if they were asking for his autograph or money for an Uber home.
IMG 4070
Oh, they were asking for hugs. Ok then.
IMG 4073
Ah yes, the water pouch graveyard.
IMG 4074
The bleacher crowd, planning their exit.
IMG 4076
The shade exhibit on a beautiful day.
IMG 4079
CSOs protecting their water pouch stash.
IMG 4081
Inside the tent, the photographer attempts some artsy shots.
IMG 4095
Breaking down the wall.
IMG 4106
The long after-show process continues.
IMG 4108
It's like football goal posts.
IMG 4110
He just really loves plywood.
IMG 4116
Taking down the tents is a delicate matter.