Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3747
Watching a live feed of themselves watching a concert watching a live feed.
IMG 3748
"This sweater is a straight jacket for my soul!"
IMG 3753
T-shirts 4eva.
IMG 3759
"NO shirts!"
IMG 3760
"Put up your dukes you rapscallion."
IMG 3763
"Am I use 'rapscallion' right? Grandpappy would sometimes confuse things."
IMG 3766
Elevator to the stars.
IMG 3770
"You da MVP"
IMG 3772
"Is your name a compound word? Like, Mad Eon instead of Crazy Millennia?"
IMG 3773
"No. Next guess."
IMG 3781
"$5 to the first person that can guess what my iPhone wallpaper is."
IMG 3789
"No, it's not my own face. Nice try."
IMG 3793
"My wallpaper is a rabbit jumping over a turtle. Duh."
IMG 3798
"Is this the Spock salute? I can never get that right."
IMG 3803
Dj-ing, now enhanced by the Apple Watch.