Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3507
"Yes, we boogie. We boogie so hard."
IMG 3512
Totally not chewing on something.
IMG 3513
And like that, they were married on the arm wrestling battlefield.
IMG 3514
Smiling groups are smiley.
IMG 3518
I think he threw her at me. Kind of rude if you ask me.
IMG 3520
It was a nice photo until the blonde sprayed water in her friend's ear.
IMG 3521
Colin Ferrel was nice enough to give rides to random women throughout the day.
IMG 3523
"Did you see that? Neither did I. I don't think these are my prescription glasses."
IMG 3525
IMG 3526
Heart-shaped yoga poses.
IMG 3528
It all seemed pretty normal until they started chanting in Latin.
IMG 3531
They held this pose for like 3 minutes. I don't think their spell worked.
IMG 3534
IMG 3541
"Wave if you like music! I don't have a microphone, do I? I could say whatever I want..."
IMG 3546
When you're in front of the stage, plugging it up is essential.