Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7742
“I’m here today to talk to you about the proper method for julienning vegetables.”
IMG 7738
“I’m here today to talk to you about designer handbags.”
IMG 7736
Schoolboy Q in da house.
IMG 7732
I have no idea.
IMG 7717
Everyone enjoys a good lecture about scurvy.
IMG 7715
“Schoolboy Q will be out shortly, but first I’d like to tell you about the benefits of Vitamin C.”
IMG 7711
Wrist warmers are all the rage with the kids.
IMG 7710
The back of the shirts, for those curious.
IMG 7709
“I’m gonna bubble them good, just you wait.”
IMG 7707
Headlock Henry strikes again.
IMG 7705
IMG 7704
“Wait, did you just make up ‘bubble therapy’ to make me look foolish?”
IMG 7702
Water fight champion, two years running.
IMG 7699
Aww. They flattered me before I took this photo, so I won’t even try to make fun of this shot.
IMG 7698
The middle woman had been doing testing out her friend’s ticklish spots all day. She was so close to figuring it out.