Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5367
“It’s just harmless water vapor! Wild huh.”
IMG 5361
“Wanna know a secret about chemtrails?”
IMG 5355
Zella Day and the gang.
IMG 5354
“Why is it always ‘Mister’ Tambourine Man? I can rock this thing.”
IMG 5351
The whole band took a break for Capri Suns and orange wedges.
IMG 5350
“This is my song about gluten. I call it ‘Fuck You Wheat’.”
IMG 5345
“Gluten free for 3 weeks straight! Wooot!”
IMG 5343
“If you could hear the world’s smallest violin playing, it would be so adorable. Now imagine a hamster playing it.”
IMG 5341
Zella used her hands to distract from the fact that moths had eaten her shirt.
IMG 5339
“Broil? I don't understand technology. Is this a synth or a portable oven?”
IMG 5335
“I thought we were done with the lullaby scene. All those people in their footsie pajamas creeps me out.”
IMG 5331
Zella Day has come to sing you a lullaby.
IMG 5328
“So I just turned on the garbage disposal. I mean, he DARED me. I couldn’t wimp out.”
IMG 5327
“Dude. I dated the spirit of the dance. Never returned my Pokemon socks.”
IMG 5326
Here comes the spirit of the dance. You can’t escape it.