Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6069
“No no. It stood for ODESZA ‘Orgasmic Dance Earthlings Seizing Zuchinni Appetizers’”
IMG 6066
“But we didn’t do much zipper art anymore, so that didn’t really work.”
IMG 6063
“Hey Santa Barbara. We’re ODESZA. Which was an acronym at some point. It stood for ‘Opulent Decadent Ecstatic Sexy Zipper Artists’”
IMG 6062
“Anyone know what to do with one drumstick? It really feels like I need two to do anything.”
IMG 6058
“That’s right, this ship has a new captain.”
IMG 6056
They both simultaneously forgot which button to press, resulting in the music defaulting to a rap remix of the Spongebob Squarepants theme.
IMG 6055
Flipping those switches.
IMG 6050
“I play the trombone. Hehe. Bone.”
IMG 6047
The “Little Drummer Boy” solo was nice, but kind of out of season.
IMG 6045
ODESZA arriving for duty.
IMG 6042
Sometimes you have to shed the shackles of society to be free.
IMG 6041
Covering up the horrors previous bands have left backstage.
IMG 6040
“Do-over do-over! Man, where am I gonna find a goat on a Sunday?”
IMG 6037
IMG 6033
“Haha, fools. That goat was dead either way.”