Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 6938
Plays the beginning of Stairway to Heaven.
IMG 6940
IMG 6945
Well played.
IMG 6949
Oh yeah.
IMG 6952
He needed to stop making his guitar picks out of rock candy, but he couldn't help himself.
IMG 6954
Rocking out.
IMG 6956
There will be artsy shots/filters in this album. You have been warned.
IMG 6960
He had a huge argument with a fan over wether or not his elbow tattoo was supposed to say COUTURE or not.
IMG 6961
"What's a 'couture'?
IMG 6963
Making those fine guitar sounds. Braaaaaaaawwwww.
IMG 6968
"A guitar is more of a Maaaaaaaaahhhhhh sound."
IMG 6970
The whole band, trying to show the crowd what a guitar sound SOUNDS like. Except the drummer. Cuz he's only got drums.
IMG 6971
"Have you ever stared at the sun? Like, just stared at it?"
IMG 6978
"Did he just recommend something extremely dangerous?"
IMG 6987
Happy band!