Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 7328
“I don’t need a jacket to solve this mystery.”
IMG 7331
“Now I’m kinda cold. Why did I throw it so far?”
IMG 7333
Her dancers were rightfully still preoccupied by the poison mystery.
IMG 7334
“There’s an antidote, of course. But who has it? M Y S T E R Y!”
IMG 7337
Dancers: You have it! Where is the antidote?!
IMG 7339
“The criminal must have hidden it in the crowd. I sure hope we find it in time.”
IMG 7340
“See, isn’t this fun?”
IMG 7346
The rare “guppy” swimming move.
IMG 7350
Mid dance back massage.
IMG 7355
IMG 7357
“The person poisoned should have their eyeballs rolling into the back of their heads about now. So that’s fun!”
IMG 7368
“We are the champions…”
IMG 7373
“Oh dang, I might have poisoned myself.”
IMG 7376
“Sorry to all my fans. I totally thought I put it in the drummer’s coffee.”
IMG 7377
“Psych! I did put it in the drummer’s coffee!”