Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3186
Kuro entertains the crowds.
IMG 3187
People at the front turned back after hearing the oncoming stampede.
IMG 3190
"Hurry up! I can't hold this pose much longer. This purse has already drawn blood."
IMG 3191
"We're ready to go? Should I stop playing the theme song of Golden Girls then?"
IMG 3198
Optical illusions!
IMG 3200
One of the Bad Rabbits
IMG 3202
Two more of the Bad Rabbits
IMG 3206
I believe this song had something to do with rabbits not being allowed to eat a certain fruity cereal.
IMG 3209
The next one was an ode to Captain Crunch.
IMG 3211
"I was always more of a fan of Count Chocula."
IMG 3213
High knees are a great exercise that doesn't require any additional equipment. Next up, the band planked for 2 minutes straight.
IMG 3215
"It's true, we all have very strong cores. Hello ladies."
IMG 3219
"Is this my microphone? Or my water bottle shaped like a mic? This is confusing. Why did I buy that thing?"
IMG 3223
"It was in Skymall. It seemed like a funny idea at the time."
IMG 3225
"Oh my god. What's a 'sky mall'? That sounds totally awesome."