Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5633
“How many of you agree with this pigeon loving guitarist over here?”
IMG 5638
“See, the crowds with me. They understand.”
IMG 5639
“I’m gonna fly over here now. Watch me hover.”
IMG 5642
“Can…can I hover too?”
IMG 5644
“We can all fly if we put our minds to it!”
IMG 5645
Captain (texting): Where my boat at?
IMG 5646
Event Staff
IMG 5649
X16 Fashion - Animal skins
IMG 5653
And peace be onto you too.
IMG 5655
The sign was a great place to meet up with your friends. Or ditch that one friend while you all go home and drink all the jungle juice without them.
IMG 5656
“Ok, is it Daffy Duck of Donald Duck that says ‘That’s All Folks!’ ?”
IMG 5658
The giant insect was biding his time. Soon….soon.
IMG 5660
Dance break!
IMG 5664
X16 Fashion - Patterns also found in hospital drapes and scrubs.
IMG 5667
“Excuse me, but I’m wearing a white top. What smartass thing are you going to say aobut that?” “Um, gimme a minute..” “Nope, I win!”