Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5550
“You can rock in 4 seconds. No sooner.”
IMG 5553
Stage plumbing is a tricky business.
IMG 5557
I almost got a photo of a cop with a flower, but he threw it up in the air and shot it, cowboy-style before I could snap a photo.
IMG 5560
“I am playing a guitar.”
IMG 5561
“I am playing the bass and am an entirely different person.”
IMG 5566
All of Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals present and accounted for.
IMG 5569
It was time to get funky.
IMG 5573
“How many of you out there want to get funky?!”
IMG 5578
Nothing funkier than the chicken dance.
IMG 5582
“I dunno. You ever seen the walrus dance? It’s pretty funky.”
IMG 5583
“You see this bike chain bracelet? I took a link from all your chains while you were waiting for me to come on stage. Magic!”
IMG 5585
“I’m sorry if you have to walk home instead, but it was worth it for the story.”
IMG 5589
“Someone throw something to me! C’mon, anything.”
IMG 5594
“Oh my god! Who throws a baby? There was no way I could catch it. You all saw.”
IMG 5597
“Well, this took a turn.”