Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3338
Strut it.
IMG 3339
Action hair.
IMG 3342
If you need to be burped mid-concert, this woman was the one to see.
IMG 3345
She coughed up her ham sandwich no problem.
IMG 3346
Program Board, using bathroom signs to wind surf the crowd.
IMG 3348
This entire photo was for the nail polish and lipstick combo. I'm not sorry.
IMG 3350
Yes, I am taking your picture.
IMG 3352
"I've got a unique set of skills and...I've got both my eyes checking you...damnit. I see you. I'll be right there."
IMG 3353
Farmer chic.
IMG 3355
Touchdown texting.
IMG 3360
"I hope this is a libertarian watermelon."
IMG 3361
"Here's your fried cinnamon stick. They really should come up with a better name for these things."
IMG 3364
Little known fact: lifeguards hate sleeves.
IMG 3365
Peace be with you.