Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3301
"Told you I could leap an amp in a single bound."
IMG 3302
"Remember kids, if you put your mind to something, and you also happen to be from an alien planet which enables our red sun to give you special powers, you can do ANYTHING."
IMG 3310
"Don't let them get you down. Even if you have a full grown man's head growing out of your elbow."
IMG 3315
"This is the water bottle again, isn't it?"
IMG 3319
Staff, sporting their deep yellow.
IMG 3320
Program Board designs some signs to make it crystal clear where the bathrooms were and where they were not.
IMG 3321
The dance party gets into full swing.
IMG 3323
Pineapple power!
IMG 3325
Gas station attendant?
IMG 3327
Applying temporary tattoos is a dangerous surgery-like task. It should not be taken lightly.
IMG 3328
Propeller hats should not be used for flight so close to an airport. Just FYI.
IMG 3330
More temp tattoo fun.
IMG 3333
"Should all those fish be hanging out so close to Poseidon? I mean, isn't he just gonna skewer them with his trident?"
IMG 3334
Free and quick transportation.
IMG 3337
The face painters were busy all day. Mostly painting faces. Mostly.