Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3202
Two more of the Bad Rabbits
IMG 3206
I believe this song had something to do with rabbits not being allowed to eat a certain fruity cereal.
IMG 3209
The next one was an ode to Captain Crunch.
IMG 3211
"I was always more of a fan of Count Chocula."
IMG 3213
High knees are a great exercise that doesn't require any additional equipment. Next up, the band planked for 2 minutes straight.
IMG 3215
"It's true, we all have very strong cores. Hello ladies."
IMG 3219
"Is this my microphone? Or my water bottle shaped like a mic? This is confusing. Why did I buy that thing?"
IMG 3223
"It was in Skymall. It seemed like a funny idea at the time."
IMG 3225
"Oh my god. What's a 'sky mall'? That sounds totally awesome."
IMG 3227
"You should see the collection of phones that are also other things that I have. The phone/cheese grater combo cost me my first marriage."
IMG 3230
Most of the Rabbits, getting down.
IMG 3232
Entertainment! Confusion!
IMG 3240
IMG 3242
A big blue sky background blanket.
IMG 3248
He started beat boxing the opening song to CSI. It was great.