Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3124
Not related to those dream rats from earlier.
IMG 3127
"Are you starting a rumor about a rodent infestation? Stop that."
IMG 3129
"You see that giant fish over there? "Yeah, what about it?" "Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me."
IMG 3132
Artsy shot. There will be more.
IMG 3137
When they haven't let the lines in yet, there's plenty of room to skip.
IMG 3138
"You know that guy is taking our photo, right?" "Yeah. Don't look directly at him. That just encourages him."
IMG 3141
Come to think of it, Omead was a little bit curious where all these one dollar bills came from.
IMG 3144
IMG 3148
The spy cam detects the results of a blood sacrifice earlier in the morning.
IMG 3150
"Yeah, this fence is pretty cool I guess."
IMG 3152
"Screw this fence. It's played out."
IMG 3154
"Just keep looking at this binder. Eventually he'll get tired of pictures of people reading and move on."
IMG 3156
Bird down, bird down.
IMG 3160
Remember the hat and the phone. You'll see them again.
IMG 3162
The gates are open!