Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3873
Or he fought the bird he stole his wings from. I bet I'd put up quite a fight if someone tried to tear off my wings for a jacket.
IMG 3870
And someone's ripped his jeans at the knees. Maybe he got into a fight with a dog.
IMG 3868
It's Miguel!
IMG 3864
They're playing music, which can only mean that...
IMG 3861
Hot steppin'
IMG 3857
The rare multi photo bomb.
IMG 3856
They politely smiled for six knock knock jokes before they told me to scram.
IMG 3852
"You want to borrow mine? Wait, are these prescription? I can't see shit."
IMG 3848
The photographer never gets sunglasses. Curses.
IMG 3844
Thoughtful Zeke.
IMG 3840
Remembering the old times.
IMG 3837
If you have a chance to play that Superman flying game as an adult, you use it and just hope your friend doesn't drop you.
IMG 3835
More group shots.
IMG 3829
"You know, I DO feel really hydrated after eating this whole thing."
IMG 3827
"I can't believe this used to be a cow. Woah, like 5 different cows probably."