Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3137
When they haven't let the lines in yet, there's plenty of room to skip.
IMG 3132
Artsy shot. There will be more.
IMG 3129
"You see that giant fish over there? "Yeah, what about it?" "Just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me."
IMG 3127
"Are you starting a rumor about a rodent infestation? Stop that."
IMG 3124
Not related to those dream rats from earlier.
IMG 3122
IMG 3121
BEHOLD! The god of the oceans. Slowly suffocating outside of his natural habitat.
IMG 3120
"You want a poster stapled to a t-shirt? Ok, but you have to put the shirt on first."
IMG 3119
"If they haven't set up the table yet, I'm going to wish really hard that this box is full of rats. Rats that like to bite everyone that isn't me."
IMG 3117
The Extravaganza porta-floor: fitting together perfectly since 1986.