Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

February 2000
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November 2002
Work was still being done on the grounds & buildings the day before it's opening.
The Carrillo pool isn't going to be ready until Spring quarter. But they filled it with water anyway so that it would look presentable. Oh, and to hide more bodies in its cement foundation. But that may just be a rumor.
Partially covered staircase of one of the buildings. That blue/grey is a unifying color for the complex.
The bikeracks of Ra, the sun god. Don't you even think about parking your beat up cruiser over there.
The entrance is now on the complete opposite side of the building. Oh, and it's fairly purty (yes, even with the yellow).
String lights hung over the outside portion of Carrillo.
Padding was put in the elevators so that heavy objects (moving carts, fans etc..) wouldn't scratch up the nice metal sides.
Yes, this is a dining commons. Pretty nice eh. And this is just the outside area.
Future mini-golf course.
Part of Manzanita is on the moon. I've seen it with my own eyes.
The view from one of the lounges.
The RAs (top) prepare for a full day. The man in the middle hurries to his important meeting. The group at the bottom try to figure out why the bulldozer operator is completely nude & painted purple.
Now that is green.
View from one of the formal lounge's. Which also, btw, have 32" TVs, dishwasher's, full subzero fridges, and a lofted second story.
Construction crew meet at the center of the village to discuss their new traffic problem.