Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

Jordan Laband. Photo taken at UCSB West Campus. 1/9/10. The earth and the ocean play a part in our ecosystem. A bird flies overhead and a surfer makes his way out to catch a wave. Humans and nature share this pristine environment.
Jordan Laband. Photo taken at UCSB West Campus. 1/9/10. I managed to capture the raw beauty of this sunset in Santa Barbara. It is hard to imagine how this view may change in the future because of the horrible damage we are causing on this planet. This amazing sight reminds us all to take care of our beaches and enjoy what beauty is left for us.
Jordan Laband. Photo taken at UCSB West Campus, January 9, 2010, This photo shows humans and nature in harmony together. The tide is coming in as a surfer in the left hand corner makes his way down the beach. An oil rig in the background offsets the gorgeous California sunset with its rich colors and blending hues. One can see the delicate balance of life in Santa Barbara as the land, the sea, and mankind all coexist as one in this unique and prosperous environment.
The Lagoon Kerri Kowsky
"Breakthrough Sunset" Tyler Watson