Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

"Faux wood, you're so beautiful."
CSOs now carry their walkies in a quickdraw holster for that old west feel. Next up: spurs, 10 gallon hats, and overuse of the word "varmints."
Bob usually told people he was half Jolly Green Giant, half Aladdin's Genie. That usually resulted in one whole "good bye."
The entire stage was covered in bubblegum and landmines. It kept the performers on their toes.
The early crowd hung around while the bands set up. These two were debating whether or not they'd get more dates if they switched to Pastafarianism.
Sam (upon learning there was no blood drive at the event): So who the hell did I just donate my plasma too?! And what was in that cookie he gave me?!
In case of unpatriotic activities, punch here.
"The headband is too much, isn't it?"
While clearly not a fighter pilot, the lead singer had gotten an exemption from the fashion police to wear aviators.
Like Wonder Woman's bracelets, the golden dancer's bottoms repelled bullets, thugs, and Superman's x-ray vision.
Streamers on parade.
Amazing bongo skills on display. What? Someone had to say that joke. Might as well be me.
Karen was careful to keep her mouth only open a moderate amount. She didn't want a repeat of what happened the week before. Try explaining to your parents how a picture of you choking on a microphone while a guy in star-shaped sunglasses giving you the heimlich ends up on facebook.
"I really should consider wearing contacts. These things must weight four pounds!"
While her bongoing skills were impressive, the crowd loved that, every time she pressed the drawing of a stereo on your arm, a clip of Soundwave (the Decepticon) saying "Now is the time to...boogie down." would play.