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Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

This is on of the many pleasures the beach has to offer when it is clean.
This Is the old trash pit that was uncovered after a rain storm that I found on the cliffs of IV. Literally this trash will be in on the beach after a few more rain events. This shows that old settlers once thought burying there trash would be out of site and out of mind. This is probably the case for the people who buried this trash here since i assume are no longer living. But now nature has uncovered there trash leaving it to us as as our inheritance. Thanks you!
This is a glass shard found in an old trash pit located on the cliff of 68 block. This old fashioned jug was once buried along with many others in this trash pit that I found when walking along the very edge of of the cliff in Iv, This shows that in time nature will uncover what trash that we leave in her. Preston Merlo
I wasent going to add this picture but I realized that I did not include my email adress in the last 4 photos numbered 3174, 3176, 3157, 3151 So here is my email adress it is Thanks I am submitting them in a day late on Saturday February the 13 But i just thought you all should see what I see. Thanks for looking Preston Merlo
Sands beach. Peaceful night with isla vista in the background.
Sands Beach, night photography, long exposure. Light dancing across the serenity of a clean beach.
Sands Beach, night photography, long exposure. Light rays emanating from a lone rock.
The picture captures a wonderful view of the beach where people can take walks to relax.
Javier Martinez Photo taken by the UCSB Lagoon The bizarre or the unusual here is simply the fact that in contrast to seeing beer cans or paper trash strewn about UCSB's coast, this image conveys how a clean coast coupled with the red-orange glow of a setting sun, is something that should motivate and inspire cleanliness on this and every coastline. A clean coastline will ensure that beach goers will be able to enjoy the natural treasures in life like the beauty and colors of a setting star.