Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 3726
Give it up everyone, it's Madeon.
IMG 3722
"Human sprinkler, woooooo! Wait, that sounds kinda wrong."
IMG 3719
Apparently not everyone liked her human sprinkler act.
IMG 3717
Water was a good idea.
IMG 3716
"I wasn't going to help either. Ha."
IMG 3714
Yes, that's right. I took a picture instead of helping.
IMG 3713
Action shot!
IMG 3712
Such power.
IMG 3708
Ok, so it's fashion.
IMG 3707
Fashion pose or leap frog? You decide.
IMG 3705
IMG 3700
Ok, I give up. I can't find Waldo. But I can spot 5 people talking on the phone, trying to direct their friends in a crowd of 8000+.
IMG 3694
Everyone loves scratches.
IMG 3690
Neither does the face painting. Seriously, they were painting for hours and hours.
IMG 3686
The hugs don't stop.