Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5180
Part flags, part bamboo, part swimsuit top, all colorful.
IMG 5470
X16 Fashion - Hawaiian shirts, Galactic shirts, Existential shirts.
IMG 5471
Fun Fact - 5 or more college students huddled together is called a Cuddle Huddle.
IMG 5474
“I’m not going to hug you. I’m trying out this Frankenstein’s monster thing. Gonna see how it works for me.”
IMG 5475
Selfie spotted counter - 19
IMG 5477
Marge was surprised that each letter, when pressed, caused a different soda flavor to come out of Ben’s mouth.
IMG 5482
Ben’s soda brings all the gals to the yard.
IMG 5484
When you’re the only one that spots the camera.
IMG 5487
X16 Fashion - Black tops are always in.
IMG 5490
Rocking out.
IMG 5492
The power of flowers is…dour? I have no idea.
IMG 5494
“You really hurt my feelings when you asked if I had to wear one of those blinking red lights on my head because I’m tall.”
IMG 5495
The body paint was a huge hit.
IMG 5499
X16 Fashion - Psychadelic colors
IMG 5502
I caught him in the middle of his “Can’t Touch This” dance routine.