Associated Students Gallery

Images through the ages for UCSB's Associated Students.

IMG 5436
Doing the dance.
IMG 5444
Face vines are great until they come to life and tear off your face eyebrows.
IMG 5443
“This totally looks like beer.” “I know. Think we should act drunk?” “If we think it is beer, and we think hard enough, we just might be drunk for reals.”
IMG 5442
Like hauling away evid-…trash.
IMG 5456
It really was a favorite spot for group shots.
IMG 5452
I pointed the camera at him for like 4 minutes, making him keep this exact pose the entire time.
IMG 5448
Tools of the trade.
IMG 5463
“Sorry, I just got an alert on my granola bar. I better see what it was.”
IMG 8030
“This thing has really put me off fruit rollups.”
IMG 8029
Pulling up cabling.
IMG 8026
Camp dismissed.
IMG 8028
Bamboo grows really fast. These were straws at the start of the show.
IMG 8024
Cleanup continues.
IMG 8023
Yes, taking someone’s photo while they’re staring into the sun is entirely unfunny.
IMG 8022
“If I find two more baggies and an article of clothing, I’ll win Trash Bingo this year.”